The Best Moments From Chiefs-Eagles

09.20.13 4 years ago 51 Comments


Even if the resulting Eagles fan despair is satisfying, it feels like viewers got gypped out of what was a truly intriguing match-up. Like, if this were the Sunday night game, it probably would have played out a lot more smoothly and been thoroughly exciting to watch.

Instead, it was mostly just yet another reason why weekly Thursday games are a bad idea. Of course, even bad games have their random hilarious happenings, so let’s get to them before you the rest of the night starts coming back to you


NFL Network was doing their best to be generous to Philadelphia fans. Mike Mayock, who just happens to be from the Philly area, opened the broadcast by exclaiming how great he thought his hometown fans were being to their former coach. Really, it was the best thing of the night for me – how NFL Network was trying to convince us that Philly fans aren’t as bad as their reputation suggests. Meanwhile, THREE ROWS of one section in front of the press area had to be ejected because of a massive brawl. You go, Philly.

It was McNabb retirement ceremony night. Looking at the Instagram photos from the game, there were actually a fair number of fans in McNabb jerseys, suggesting resentment perhaps isn’t quite as high as we all think. Or should I say NUMBER 5 jerseys since that’s apparently what he calls himself?

That’s more like it, Philly. Yeah, a bunch of people were polite to McNabb, but it’s not Philly if folks aren’t also torching his jersey out in the parking lot.



One of the more frustrating trends of this season is how fans (of any team, really) will boo the ever-loving shit out of any defensive player who gets hurt, because the narrative of faked injuries to slow the offense has become pervasive enough that fans are always looking for it. Bear in mind, the Eagles had all of nine points when this happened in the third quarter. In context, there wasn’t a ton of offense to slow down.

Also nice that Philly has its own Tawmmy from Quinzee.

It’s not a true Eagles loss until Marcus Vick says something reprehensible on social media defending his brother.


I think Alex Smith threw one pass beyond 15 yards the entire evening, making it a very Alex Smith evening. Oh, and that one pass was a Hail Mary at the end of the first half.

That said, the Chiefs must have converted at least three third downs of longer than 10 yards using this exact designed receiver screen. Seriously, how do you not double team underneath receivers when playing Alex Smith? I can’t imagine teams won’t be looking for this in the near future.

Here’s that one long Alex Smith bomb, which was preceded by 10 seconds of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Guyism took the trouble to add the Benny Hill music and we salute them for it.



Jamaal Charles had a pretty huge night in general. Something not on the stat sheet: him laying out this blitzing defensive back.


Jason Avant also randomly had a big game. He scored the Eagles first touchdown and set up their second with this amazing juggling catch in the second half.


You had a nice run, Kyle Orton, but the NFL has a new neckbeard champion and his name is Sean McGrath. Some might say these are closer to neck pubes, but in lieu of getting close enough to inspect, I’ll just give him the title.


Impressive kicker achievement by Alex Henery drawing a facemask and a horsecollar penalty on the same play. The rare kicker who can contribute to your fantasy football league that bases its scoring solely on vicious plays.


I seem to remember something about this woman formerly being a Giants superfan who switched to the Eagles because of a stupid thing she thinks New York did to her. I can’t remember the details and a cursory Google search turned up nothing. [UPDATE: A kommenter found the details] I’m mostly just amused by how embarrassed everyone is to be around her.


Next time, Andy wants his victory bath to be milkshake.

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