Best Moments From Steelers-Bengals

09.17.13 4 years ago 43 Comments


Pittsburgh finds itself two games under .500 for the first time in the Mike Tomlin era, their offense has managed all of 17 points in the span of two weeks due to having no serviceable blocking nor running backs. The Steelers defense, while still pretty good, is no longer capable of carrying the team to victories on its own, mostly by virtue of not forcing any turnovers.

Suffice it to say, this is not what the media likes to call STILLER FOOTBAW.

Even if it wasn’t their best performance either, it was still a big win for the Bengals, not only because it ties them for Baltimore for the AFC North lead but it was only the second time in the last 11 attempts that they’ve defeated Pittsburgh at home. Though unless the Steelers find a way to right the ship (FIRE TODD HALEY FIRE TODD HALEY) trends like that are gonna swing the other way.

On to the very Unsteeler highlights.

With NBC pulling out bullet time replays, ESPN had to counter with some production wizardry of its own and that thing is apparently the HeroCam, a concept that seems pretty fascinating until you see the result and it’s a bit creepy.

As always, there were many sacks of Ben Roethlisberger but this one was the most trademark Big Ben sack – he galumphs behind the line for eight seconds dodging pass rushers until finally getting brought down and having his head ripped off for an eight yard loss.

Roethlisberger did narrow avoid getting killed on this play, which is kind of nice, but if it’s the highlight of your night, you’re not gonna have a good time. Anyway, I like the “awww shucks, can’t believe I got away with that one” face by Ben afterwards. Can think if at least two other times he’s shown that.



Bengals fans are well conditioned to expect the worst, but Jeebus, this lady looked almost suicidal when Pittsburgh tied the game at 10 in the second quarter. Someone should have consoled her, but then again, I imagine most of her fellow Who Dey people had the same line of thought: “Oh no, even when it’s obvious we’re the better team, we’re gonna find a way to lose to these assholes, I know it.”

This week’s installment of the always enjoyable Sunday Soundtracks.

In case you wanted an eternal loop of Andrew Luck’s goofy ogre laugh for that previous clip, you can thank SB Nation.


We do a lot of gagging on Pacman Jones around these parts, but we’ll give it up for this impressive and pretty important strip that Jones had on David Paulson in the first half last night when the Steelers had jumped to an early 3-0 and looked likely to add more. OH YEZZZ PACMAN GONE SHINE.

Just enjoy how Tomlin flipped out at one point last night because he thought his offense was being called for a false start. Then the ref announced it was encroachment on the defense, and he was, like, “Oh… yeah, okay. Cool cool cool.”

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