Best Week Worst Week: Fast Guy and Fast Crazy Guy

02.28.14 4 years ago 28 Comments

brandin cooks

The Best Week belongs to Oregon State product Brandin Cooks. He was the fastest player to eschew the NFL’s preferred Under Armour cleats in favor of the Adidas ones above, and for that he earned himself $100,000. Brandin wasn’t the fastest player to run at the combine. That title goes to the amazingly named Dri Archer. Duchess ran a 4.26, though one guy wearing a sweat stained visor had him at a 4.18 on his trusty old stop watch. The combine is the stupidest.

colt lyerla

Colt Lyerla is the pick for Worst Week. Sure, he performed well at the combine, and even earned himself $10,000 from those generous folks at Adidas-Solomon, but the interviews probably weren’t a lot of fun. Here’s a likely sampling.

– Colt, tell us about your emotional problems.
– Do you think that those emotional problems are related to your troubled childhood?
– Why were you dismissed from your college team?
– What did you learn from your arrest for cocaine possession?
– Were you high when you expressed your belief that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a government conspiracy?

Now multiply that by every team that was still interested enough to consider possibly drafting you and you get Colt’s week of interviews. But hey, 4.61 in the 40!

First image via CBS, second image via Hattiesburg MERICAN

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