Best Week/Worst Week: America and Chris Canty

07.03.14 3 years ago 54 Comments

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Yes, we lost. But damn it if we didn’t enjoy the hell out of ourselves despite Chris Wondolowski doing exactly what everyone feared he would do. Americans of all stripes rallied around to cheer for the US Men’s National Team and tell Dan Shaughnessy to just SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. So let’s just skip all of the contrived “what does it all mean for the future of soccer in this country” conversations, and simply appreciate a great stretch of sportsball.

In the last week alone I have talked to loads of non-soccer fans who suddenly care deeply about the sport (if only in fits and starts, and yes it’s a good thing regardless). An elderly coworker of mine who may or may not have called me a homo when I wore a soccer jersey to work ducked out of work to go watch US vs. Germany at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Bowie, Maryland. But he couldn’t. Because the Buffalo Wild Wings in Bowie, Maryland was filled beyond capacity.

So yes, forget the BIG SOCCER CONVERSATION, and instead think about what’s to come at the 2015 Gold Cup, the 2016 Copa America, the 2017 Confederations Cup (hopefully) and the 2018 World Cup (almost assuredly). It’s way more fun.

And if you still don’t give a shit, don’t worry, we’re getting closer and closer to guys in helmets trying to punch each other in the head during training camp.

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Worst Week goes to Ravens defensive end Chris Canty, who told The Baltimore Sun‘s Aaron Wilson that he will not be able to play in the NFL if they enforce the new rule regarding custom facemasks and visors.

“Not sure what the memo or new policy is, but it’s simple for me,” Canty said. “No eye shield and custom mask means I can’t play. Eye would be at risk.”

Wait wait wait. I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to transcribe your own interview, but are you sure he said “Eye” as in E-Y-E? Did you ask him to spell that? Because it definitely reads like he is the subject of his sentence, not his eye.

Anyway, this sucks. Canty suffered a detached retina after being hit with a stray beer bottle years ago, and without a certain level of protection he’s putting himself at a level of risk that becomes excessive So come on, NFL. Either ease up your no fun rules, or simply grant an exception for a guy whose eye is all fucked up.

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