Best Week/Worst Week: Devonta Freeman and Brock Osweiler

02.20.15 3 years ago 15 Comments

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It appears that Steven Jackson’s time as the featured back in Atlanta are over.

(Why now? Why not five minutes after they signed him?)

That’s excellent news for the following people/groups in order.

1. The Falcons
2. Devonta Freeman
3. Fantasy owners in keeper/dynasty formats*

Freeman is starting to look like a lock to step into what should be a pretty productive offense, and unlike his soon-to-be predecessor, he’ll be able to make the best of that situation. His pass catching and speed around the edge portend for big things to come. That’ll give him something to remember when he’s a broken down 28 year old.

*Freeman recently went in the 17th round in the first League of Leagues draft (NFL, NBA, MLB two year keeper leagues all in one draft). That’s one round after Torrey Smith, which is going to seem really stupid in a few months.

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Peyton Manning pictured, because honestly, fuck that Osweiler guy.

The Broncos want Peyton Manning back. They probably want him to take less money, but mostly they just want him back. And that’s understandable. If they have any chance of doing something next season, it will be because Peyton Manning is better at football than most of his peers. Now we just sit back and wait for Peyton to decide if he’s willing to take a year’s worth of hits for potentially less money. It’s easy for us, because we don’t have anything else going on, but it’s got to be hell on his presumptive replacement Brock Osweiler.

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