Best Week/Worst Week: Redskins Name Change Crusaders and Sean Lee

05.30.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

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You knew it was going to be a great week for Redskins name change crusaders (and everyone out there who just likes it when the Redskins do something dumb) the second they launched their #RedskinsPride hashtag. And man, leave it to Bruce Allen and company to make Harry Reid’s office look savvy by comparison.

Wait, a manufactured hashtag from a tone-deaf organization can backfire? This was not covered in the copy of PR For Assholes sitting on the bookshelf in Ashburn.

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Damn you, related headlines!

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Sean Lee, on his way to getting injured, probably.

Worst week has to go to oft-injured Cowboys star Sean Lee. As far as torn ACL’s go, the non-contact variety at bullshit offseason training sessions have to be the most frustrating. After all, Sean Lee was bound to tear his ACL, but I’m sure he would have preferred to do it making a play in an actual game.

Everybody feels bad for Lee, even the quarterback who plays for his team’s fiercest rival.

Hmmm, no #RedskinsPride hashtag. I wonder how people on Twitter will react to this.

Yep, sounds about right.

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