Best Week/Worst Week: Unnamed Sources Within NFL Front Offices and The Stupid Browns

02.14.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

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The title of Best Week goes to unnamed NFL front office personnel, who are allowed to say whatever the hell they want without any actual consequences. Because SI was nice enough to let them say dumb shit without their names attached. So as long as you guys have total autonomy, why not go nuts? Let’s hear what else you have to say.

Pete Rozelle killed JFK.

Aqib Talib did 9/11.

RGIII is an Illuminati symbol.

If you let a gay player in an NFL locker room pretty soon you’re going to have turtles demanding to play running back. That’s how these things work.

Pettine and Haslam

Another week, another Browns coach for Worst Week. This time it’s head coach Mike Pettine.

Congratulations on achieving your lifelong dream of coaching an NFL team, also, we’re so disappointed in your hire that we’re going to fire the general manager and team president because they couldn’t get anyone better than you.

Pettine says that the news was “bittersweet.” Sweet because, hey, he’s the head coach! Bitter because nobody wanted him to begin with and Jimmy Haslam is probably dying to replace him with Phil Fulmer or somebody.

The one bit of good news to come out of Browns HQ is that Brandon Weeden wants out. It may not make them look any better, but I’m sure it was good for a laugh around an office that really needed something to break the tension.

Image from AP via Democrat and Chronicle.

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