Bill Belichick Gives Surprise Saturday Science Lecture

01.24.15 3 years ago 69 Comments



The Patriots got revenge on the media for those painful weekday press conferences by calling an abrupt Saturday presser after practice, forcing anyone who covers the NFL to scramble to a laptop or a TV to see what they had to say in case the Pats were actually accepting fault.

Instead, Bill Belichick once again took to the podium to lay out a droning lecture on the team’s procedure dealing with footballs. He said the Patriots ran simulated a gameday procedure and said the team’s process of managing the texture of the footballs actually raised the PSI.

Belichick then blamed the disparity on the affect on the elements on the footballs (which doesn’t explain why the temperature had the same effect on the Colts’ footballs) made a My Cousin Vinny reference then said he was done dealing with the subject “for a long time.”

Naturally, he also made a lot of statements that sound like ball jokes.

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