Brady Quinn Endorses John McCain, Heads Up Local Chapter Of Log Cabin Republicans

10.09.08 9 years ago 45 Comments

This has been a hotly contested Presidential election. Perhaps you are an undecided voter. Perhaps you just aren’t sure who you want to lead the country through this very difficult time. Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “I just won’t know how to vote until I hear from the backup quarterback and left tackle for one of the NFL’s most absymal teams.” Well, you’re in luck. For Brady Quinn, along with Joe Thomas, has gotten all soaped up and “come out” as a John McCain supporter.

This surprised me, because I figured John McCain’s conservative views conflicted with Brady, um, choice of lifestyle. Then again, I can see Quinn’s endorsement appealing to crucial swing voters. And by “swing voters,” I mean local steel mill workers who tell their wives they’re going bowling, only to swing by a shirtless rave with five or six of their closest “buddies.”

What’s driving Quinn’s endorsement? Well, as Christmas Ape said, “Let’s just say when Brady hears ‘Joe-Six Pack,’ he doesn’t think of beer.” Indeed. Last time Brady was presented with a vagina, he said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Thanks to reader Jamaal for the tip.

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