Brandon Marshall Wants To Wear Green Shoes For Mental Health Awareness; The NFL Says No

10.09.13 4 years ago 57 Comments

(via Getty Image)

When it comes to color-coded gestures to support awareness in the NFL, it’s titty pink or nothing. Sorry, only room for one color in Pinktober. Case in point, Brandon Marshall, who has a well-known history of mental health issues, wants to wear green shoes during Thursday night’s Giants-Bears game to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

Too bad. The uniform compliance drones in the league office have already informed Marshall that he can’t wear them.

The league has informed wide receiver Brandon Marshall that he will not be permitted on the field Thursday night wearing the green shoes he planned as a way to call attention to Mental Health Awareness Week, which began last Sunday and runs through Saturday.

Marshall on Tuesday stated that he expected the NFL to fine him and he planned to match the fine with a donation to charity. Now he won’t have the chance for a wardrobe malfunction in a good cause.

League of denial, indeed.

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