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06.07.12 5 years ago 17 Comments

– #WhileDrewBreesWaits, a hashtag playing on the ongoing Drew Brees contract stalemate, was recently trending on Twitter. The people at 2-Cent TV realized some of the suggestions people made about how Brees is spending his time until said contract gets done. Among the things I was surprised to learn about Breesus: he apparently wears a chintzy Super Bowl XLIV replica jersey at all times, still plays Madden ’97 and is on regular speaking terms with 2 Chainz. The two of them and Bayless should hang out more.

– Announcing the Tom Coughlin contract extension, Giants president John Mara mentioned that the team first tried to hire Coughlin in 1992, but the coach turned them down. So an already tumultuous relationship between Giants fans and Coughlin just got even rockier with the news that the Dan Reeves and Jim Fassel eras could have been avoided.

– After shockingly finding little trade value for Chad Ochocinco, the Patriots cut ties with him. Welp, now losing that Starbucks gold card is the least of his worries. #Perspective

– Delightfully random thing of the day: Jersey, Sure, a Tumblr with the mission statement of “a photo essay on discarded & donated NFL jerseys and the people that (re)purchased them. Photographs were taken in Ghana in 2012. The aim is to capture 32 persons, representing 32 teams of the NFL.” The guy in the Brett Favre jersey looks appropriately miserable. H/T – Busted Coverage

– MEGA LAWSUIT! 80 pending lawsuits from former players filed against the NFL for allegedly hiding information about the link between the sport and permanent brain injuries have been consolidated into one “master complaint.” You think you frighten The Ginger Hammer with those bush league scare tactics? He’ll get that case dismissed with a single set of one-arm weighted pull-ups. Just you watch, scrawny attorneys.

– DeAngelo Hall in person is exactly how you would expect him to be. Mrs. Unsilent caught up with him after practice on Thursday and put a few question to him, eliciting these responses:

Last movie you saw…


Last dream you had…

I don’t know. I blacked out last night. From drink.

Beer you drank…

Blue Moon last night! I was watching the OKC game, in my house just drinking by myself. Drinking by yourself, that’s what gets you the most.

Last famous person you met…

Floyd Mayweather.

I wonder how PK would react to the news of an NFL player drinking himself into a citrus coma. Probably astounded, like with everything else. Caution, this tale has it.

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