Brett Favre To Coach For Mississippi State High School Championship On Friday

12.04.13 4 years ago 24 Comments


It’s been about a month since we had any Favre-related posts, which goes against pretty much every sports-blogging standard and blood-oath I’ve ever taken, but fear not- the Ol’ Gunslinger’s back in the news. This time he’s playing the role of a grizzled high school football coach in a Dukes of Hazzard meets American Pie teen sex romp. Favre’s the Offensive Coordinator for Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg Mississippi and sure enough, he’s got the boys in the state finals. He just. Finds. A. Way. To. Win.

This Friday night, the Oak Grove Fightin’ Progresses are playing in their first ever state championship game against Some Other High School From Mississippi That Doesn’t Have Brett Favre As An Offensive Coordinator. The game should be noteworthy if for no other reason than just to watch the EMTs react in amazement to the instagrammable level of shrinkage that’s sure to occur after the gatorade bath.

Favre’s enjoying his time with the kids, and he’s obviously done a great job teaching them. His only regret? “It’s cutting into my time in the woods” he lamented. But besides that, he seems to be having a great time coaching the young ‘uns up. To Deanna’s amazement, the other coaches claim that he “fits in well,” saying, “He doesn’t want special treatment and he doesn’t get any. He’s held to the same standard as everyone else.”

In a most unlikely twist, when asked if he plans to return to coach again next season, old 4th and short replied, “Who knows if I’ll do it next year. I really don’t know.”

Favre’s still got it.

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