Brett Favre Plays Fantasy Football, Has Aaron Rodgers As His QB

10.20.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


I dont think you’re going to find much of a argument from anyone that Brett Farve might not just still be one of the best 32 QBs in America, but everyones favorite Gunslinger had a classic showing on NFL Network this morning where he gave Peyton Manning advice on how to play football in a place where he use to play football.

But the most interesting nugget by far was Farve admitting he plays fantasy football down in his moms basement, and that Aaron Rodgers is his fantasy QB saying, “Aaron id my quarterback. And he’s usually guaranteed to get me about 30 points.” I would of imagined that Farves version of fantasy football would just be a league where his teammates don’t point and laugh at him everytime he takes a shower.

Brett also alluded to the fact that his wifes the one who wears the fantasy football Wranglers around the Farve household saying, “my wife is killing me” although its unclear if he was talking about football or just her understandably inaccurate attempts to Lorena Bobbit him.

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