Brett Keisel Is On The Cover Of The Backwoodsman Magazine

06.24.13 5 years ago 23 Comments


Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel is primarily known for being the player with the incredibly thick beard. Some may also recall that he once drove a tractor to training camp. You’d be forgiven for assuming he spends his time away from football living in a remote cabin in the woods and writing manifestos about the government.

And now here’s something else to feed into that perception: Keisel is featured on the cover of the July/August issue of The Backwoodsman magazine, a publication that is “dedicated to preserving Old Frontier living, primitive hunting and fishing, tool and weapons lore, and wilderness survival”. Finally, a magazine for people who live off the grid and don’t receive mail.

Keisel turns 35 years old in September and some have speculated that this may be his final NFL season, so let’s take some time to appreciate having Keisel in civilization before he slinks back into the woods, only to occasionally be spotted in grainy videos shot by hikers.

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