Brokeback Namath

07.31.07 10 years ago 26 Comments

Seriously, man. I am the biggest g0ddamn gossip hound you ever saw. I just love Hollywood news. I follow it religiously because I have to be in tune with the “industry.” If some starlet with lots of money and no real frame of reference on life breaks up with some fuckhead lead singer for some edgy band that I’ve never heard of, then I want the fucking SCOOP! And if there was an ice cream flavor named Maggie Gyllenhaal, you can bet your sweet ass that I’d…I don’t really have an ending for that. But if I coulda worked in a callback with “scoop,” it probably woulda been pretty awesome. Whoa.

No, so anyway, is reporting that Maggie’s brother, Joey Gyllenhaal is first in line to play the lead in a motion picture about Joe Namath’s life. You might remember Jack from that gay cowboy movie that was up for a bunch of awards a couple years ago, but it lost the Best Picture Oscar to that one movie where Matt Damon fingers that one chick during that traffic stop. But then, like she saw some dog in the road and flipped her SUV and so he had to rescue her from that burning car, so everything was cool after that.

But seriously, Fred Gyllenhaal is an amazing actor, and I’m sure this movie is going to be the bee’s elbow. I mean, it’s Joe Namath! I just hope that he gets that part locked up, and that he doesn’t end up on one of those horrible Hollywood magazine shows with a DUI or something. Man, I’m glad this kinda stuff doesn’t happen in sports.

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