Broncos-Chiefs SNF Live Blog, Second Half

11.30.14 3 years ago 629 Comments



NBC had a prepared narrative about these cruel and swirling 9 mph winds in case Peyton Manning struggled in Arrowhead. Instead, the Chiefs needed a quarter to get started and the Broncos have a commanding 20-7 lead going into halftime.

After one quarter, not only did Denver lead 14-0 but they had the yardage advantage to the tune of 130 to negative 10.

After three KC drives that ended in three and outs, the Broncos took over at the start of the second quarter. The Chiefs actually forced a punt a minute and a half into the second. Problem was, the Broncos faked it with a direct snap to David Bruton, who picked up 13 yards and a first down. Yup, that’s faking a punt on a team whose best defensive player is out with cancer. Kansas City forced a 4th and 1 later in the drive, only for the Broncos to attempt that and convert it easily via a 13-yard Anderson run. All that shittiness and Denver only ended up with a field goal to lead 17-0.

Kansas City got their opening first down with just under seven minutes left in the half. Jamaal Charles converted a 4th and 1 later in the possession, leading to Alex Smith completing two straight passes to tight ends, the latter a 20-yard strike to Anthony Fasano, to get on the board and cut the lead to 17-7.

Denver only added another field goal before halftime, which might be a minor triumph for the Chiefs, though this game feels over barring some big turnovers.

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