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11.30.14 3 years ago 783 Comments

After Chiefs safety Eric Berry had his season ended by being placed on the non-football injury list following the discovery of what is thought to be lymphoma in his chest, there was a kind outpouring of sympathy from the Broncos, Chargers and Raiders organization.

Even big softie Pey-Pey took some time this week to express his concern.

“I know Eric from his days at Tennessee — I always go back there and work out — and of course playing against him throughout my career,” Manning said. “Thinking about him, reached out to him, told him he’s in a lot of peoples’ prayers and thoughts and he’s a tough fighter. I know he’s got a tough fight ahead of him, but we’re certainly thinking about him — the Tennessee family, the NFL’s family. He’s a special player and a really good guy, as well.”

Aww, you guys. It’s almost like some things are more important than divisional rivalries.

Anyway, back to the importance of division rivalries. Kansas City’s loss to Oakland in Week 12 prevented the Chiefs from having a chance to pass Denver for first place in the AFC West with a victory tonight. Still, they can draw just about even with the Broncos (though without the tiebreaker). Should they fail, though, Kansas City will fall perilously behind in the AFC Wild Card race with a pretty taxing final month that includes games against Arizona, Pittsburgh and San Diego. The Broncos are without Julius Thomas and Aqib Talib, which is the biggest break the Chiefs are likely to get.

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