Broncos-Colts Live Blog, Second Half

10.20.13 4 years ago 898 Comments


Once Peyton was done making stage waves to a sympathetic road crowd, it was time for football. The teams exchanged quick punts before the Broncos struck first with a two-play drive that covered 56 yards, ending with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker.

Indianapolis responded with their longest drive of the half, but after 10 plays, only came away with a field goal. The teams traded possessions again, but the Colts punted deep into Denver territory, resulting in a Trindon Holliday fumble along the sideline. He was initially ruled to be out of bounds, so the Colts were denied the special teams touchdown they should have had with the recovery. Indy got it anyway with one play, a touchdown pass to Darrius Heyward-Bey for 11 yards out.

The ensuing kickoff was done by Colts punter Pat McAfee. Holliday had a superb return by was clocked by the much larger McAfee just before he went out of bounds near midfield, which would be flawless if it weren’t also a helmet-to-helmet hit. It wasn’t long before Orange Julius had yet another touchdown to capture the lead back for the Broncos.

From there, however, it’s been all Colts. Denver was backed up on their next drive. Peyton was stripped by Robert Mathis inside his own five. The fumble was nearly recovered for a touchdown, but the defender’s hair or whatever was out of bounds at the time of recovery so it was just a safety.

Stanley Havili and Coby Fleener, one of the worst dropsies inflicted receivers last week, were the recipients of touchdown passes in the last minutes of the half, giving the Colts a surprising two-score lead going into half.

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