Broncos-Colts Peyton Narrativekkake Live Blog, First Half

10.20.13 4 years ago 1,041 Comments


The great thing about tonight is that the Colts are likely to be destroyed while half their fan base absolutely adores the entire experience because they’re stuck in Manning Stockholm Syndrome.

Perhaps the Colts were looking ahead to this game. They certainly looked the part when they sh*t the bed last Monday facing the Chargers. The defense couldn’t get off the field and their receivers dropped a handful of drive-sustaining catches. That said, with wins against the 49ers and Seahawks, the Colts are certainly capable of giving the Broncos a better contest than most. If anything, Von Miller’s return should help an absent pass rush for Denver

Last week, the Broncos were held to a season-low 35 points against the Jaguars. That sounds at once like a bit of an achievement and depressing as well. You could argue being a historic underdog made that the Jaguars’ Super Bowl, though with the amount of idiocy the Colts players have heard about the drama surrounding Peyton’s departure, the same could be said about them.


I find every possible outcome of this game enjoyable save for a Colts blowout that won’t happen. If the Broncos win in a rout, Indianapolis’ fan base is split between the Peytards and the people who actually like the team. If it’s close win either way, it should be good watching.

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