Broncos Fans Use Wedding Money To Elope To Super Bowl

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Broncos Eloped

When faced with planning a wedding that would involve more than 350 family members on the bride’s side alone, Sara and Terry Headrick did what any sane, newly-engaged couple would do, they took the money and eloped to New York for a small Central Park wedding and tickets to the Super Bowl.

According to an interview with the Star-Ledger before the game, the couple said they would be happy even if their beloved Broncos lost the game.

The couple has no regrets, even if the Broncos fail to win the big game. They will consider the trip an ultimate success.

“It’s still the happy ending,” Terry said, “because the happy ending is finding someone as special as her to allow me to do this.”

Before the game.

After the game, this is how it feels to watch your team lose the Super Bowl.

“Well, at least we got to go to the game. Not a lot of people get to go to the Super Bowl. So that’s fun.”

“And it’s a loss to the Seahawks. Those fans look happy. Don’t have the same hatred for them like I do San Diego or Kansas City fans. Not in my division.”

“We had fun, right honey?”

“You know there was that five seconds in the first quarter when it looked like we might win the game.”

“But it was still fun. Bruno Mars brought the funk.”

“Well, we love each other and that’s all that matters. And we had fun. Going to the Super Bowl is fun even if you lose.”

“How much were tickets again? Oh, face value. That’s not bad. Okay. At least we didn’t overpay like some people. Still cheaper than a wedding, too. They say couples never have fun on their wedding days, it’s too stressful. So this was much better. At least we could relax and have fun.”

“And we got to come to New York. In the winter. But not Christmas winter when all the shops are pretty and there is a nice tree in Rockefeller Center and ice skating. We did see the big slide they called a toboggan though. That was fun.”

“Did you have fun on that, honey? What was that? Like $5? Much cheaper than a wedding DJ. We had fun on that.”

“And it was just great being around all those Broncos fans. We’re from Texas so we don’t get to party with Broncos fans all the time, we’re sort of outliers, so that was fun.”

“Plus, you know. We had a wedding. We’ll always remember how much fun that was, and not the crushing defeat that came the next day.”

“How long has it been since you’ve seen your Great Uncle Albert, honey? Ten years? And he was going to make the trip to our wedding next year so he could see his family one last time? Oh. Yeah. Well, we’ll go visit him this summer instead. Make it up to the family. That will be fun. I’ve never been to Bisbee. We can tell him all about how much fun we had getting around Northern New Jersey. Boy, that was fun.”

“And hey, we’re going to be here until Wednesday. So that’s fun. Can see the Met, maybe take in a show, see if we can get tickets for Letterman. Do you still have the sign you made for the game, honey? Maybe if we bring it to the taping Letterman will mention us in the monologue. That would be fun.”

“What was the score again? 43-8? Hardly noticed, the game flew by so quickly. Got to see the Lombardi presentation, so that was fun.”




“Fucking hell, why did we do this to ourselves?”

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