Brother, Can You Spare A Browns Ticket?

11.28.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


With the top two NFC teams facing off on Monday night, tickets to Seattle’s performance enhancing dome have skyrocketed to “daddy rich” levels, while Browns tickets have reached “monthly allowance from middle class daddy” levels.

7 bucks? Do you know what that makes Browns tickets cheaper than at this point? Well, the KSK Kontributors have a few ideas:

Cheaper than going shopping. (Parking is not free at most worthwhile malls)
Cheaper than an extra large peppermint mocha.
Cheaper than a month of Netflix.
Cheaper than Matt Flynn’s rookie card.
Cheaper than a 12 pack of toilet paper.
Cheaper than a pound of cashews.
Cheaper than cheese from the nice end of Whole Foods.
Cheaper than growler of Stone IPA.
Cheaper than a TV cart with TWO shelves!
Cheaper than a Super Cut.
Cheaper than a date with Frankenhooker.
Cheaper than a manicure from the cheapie Vietnamese place.
Cheaper than a frozen pizza.
Cheaper than adopting 8 cats from a creepy farm.
Cheaper than a 40-piece McNugget.
Cheaper than the Applebee’s Dinner-for-two. (Think of the romance ofJags-Browns!)
Cheaper than an album on iTunes.
Cheaper than 15 plastic parachute army soldiers.
Cheaper than than the extra warm long underwear you’ll need to wear to the game.
Cheaper than the special edition of Space Jam on DVD (but not the regular version)
Cheaper than the WAXVAC. (although you probably get two if you order now)
Cheaper than the Mamaway Crossover Nursina Bra.
Cheaper than buying a beer at the Browns game this weekend.

Also, just while we’re thinking about the Saints/Seahawks game, let’s all remember this Tecmo-Beef Moe mashup.

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