Browns Joe Haden says, “I go out there and put my F***ing heart out there every time.”

12.02.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

You have to feel for Browns corner Joe Haden. It’s one thing to have to visit the Factory of Sadness, but it’s an entirely different experience to have to work there and make sure the despair keeps on flowing week after week. That type of soul crushing work, like all of our jobs, can eventually get to person and bring them nearly to tears when faced with another humiliating defeat  (Cue Sting.) It’s the second time in two weeks Haden has given up big plays on scoring drives and the otherwise impressive cornerback seems to be carrying the weight of the franchise on his shoulders.

After the game, Haden was rattled in the locker room and didn’t hold back on his emotions or his language.

“I can’t stand losing. It hurts. I go out there and put my fucking heart out there every time. Every time and we end up coming up short.”

“Don’t take anything from our D, we’re out there every time grinding, fighting. This shit hurts. Every time we start losing. We’re tired of it and there’s nothing we can say. And, you’re gonna to come with the same questions every week and we’re gonna give you the same answers. ‘We’re gonna get better next week, we’re gonna get better next week.’ Until we do it, there’s nothing else to talk about. Straight up.”

For Haden’s sake, let’s hope Browns starting quarterback Jason Campbell returns from his concussion rest this week before Cleveland travels to New England. With backup quarterback Brandon Weeden also out with a brain injury, the Browns might be forced to start Alex Tanney against the Patriots. Defensive missteps aside, they don’t stand a chance if the offense doesn’t get started in the first place.

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