Browns-Redskins MNF Preseason Open Thread

08.18.14 3 years ago 759 Comments

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The chance to win the Browns starting quarterback going into the regular season is said to be on the line in their second preseason outing. Brian Hoyer gets the start while Johnny Manziel should get into the game presumably just before halftime. Should Hoyer struggle against Washington’s dogshit defense while Manziel keeps looking at least competent, it might be hard for Mike Pettine to hold off making Johnny Football the Week 1 starter even if he’d like the second of the team’s two first rounders to get a little more prep time before being added to this list. For what it’s worth, Manziel himself has some reservations about whether he’s quite set to start Week 1 himself.

It’s the first Monday night game of the preseason, even though ESPN had a Thursday nighter last week and still called it Monday Night Football for branding reasons better left unconsidered. It should be fun to have Jon Gruden losing his mind over everything Manziel is doing while also spinning old yarns about growing up with the new Redskins coach. THIS JAY GRUDEN I CALL HIM LIL’ BRUDDER BECAUSE HOMESTAR RUNNER IS THE GREATEST!

Oh, and once the people likely to get playing time in the regular season are done, we get a Colt McCoy/Rex Grossman team switch comedy! Remember when they were playing for the team they’re going against tonight? Those were the days.

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