Bukakke: Boggs And Bakula

09.07.06 11 years ago 4 Comments

When I was 8 my parents let me host my first Super Bowl party. It seemed like a very grown up thing to do – my mom even made the kind of food that we figured guys would eat while watching football. But since nobody under the age of 12 eats chili other than Sean Preston Spears-Federline, we all ignored it and stuck to ice cream and soda. I also remember that I was the only guy in the room pulling for the Dolphins. Everyone else had jumped on Montana’s bandwagon – this was before he began charging $100,000 for the privilege of doing so. It didn’t bother me too much when the fish lost – clearly Marino would get back to the big game. Of course, we all know now what happened or, rather what didn’t happen. And if you don’t know yourself ask Boomer Esiason –

But, thanks to the video below, at least now we know that the only thing standing between Marino and the elusive Vince Lombardi trophy is Wade Boggs’ ability to manipulate the laws of physics (the answer will probably have something to do with chicken and Margot Adams). Wade may not be as cool a time traveler as Marty McFly, but he channels his inner Scott Bakula pretty well.

NOTE: Falco reported this LIVE FROM PITTSBURGH.

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