Cam Cameron Praises Ravens For Brilliant Move Of Firing Him

01.24.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

“One carry for 29 yards? Hit the showers, son, you’re done for the day.”

Cam Cameron, the poor man’s Norv Turner, was finally dispatched by the Ravens in December after nearly five full years of tormenting Baltimore fans with predictable playcalling and underutilizing Ray Rice. Some have and will continue to hail John Harbaugh’s courage for making a change at offensive coordinator midseason, but the fact of the matter is that his hand was forced by overwhelming public pressure and the crushing weight of Cam’s incompetence.

In the end, the move worked out for Ravens, as they finally made it to the Super Bowl after several years of falling just short. Rather be bitter about it all, Cam Cameron is actually lauding his former team for shitcanning him, with only a touch of bullshit thrown in.

“It was a brilliant move,” Cameron said Wednesday at his home outside Baltimore. “Everyone on the team took a look in the mirror after that.”

This season, the Ravens’ offense was not exactly scuffling with Cameron at the helm. When he was dismissed, the team was 9-4, having lost two straight games, and averaging 344.4 yards of offense. Under Jim Caldwell, who was promoted from quarterbacks coach, the Ravens have averaged 406.2 yards — including 424.7 yards per game in the playoffs. Cameron said the change made a difference — not so much because of any schematic overhauls, but because it put everyone in the organization on alert.

“We were inconsistent,” Cameron said, “and if I’m in charge, I’m saying: ‘Why are we inconsistent? We need to get the team’s attention.’ ”

Cam would probably like to get hired again at some point, so he’s not willing to acknowledge that he sucks and the team is simply better with him gone, so he’ll chalk up the noticeable improvement to the team instilling a sense of accountability by firing a bad coach after years of being bad. That’s fine. Gotta spin when you gotta spin. But it’s not gonna look good in the resume when a team replaced you with Jim Caldwell and got better.

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