Can this be the end of Tim Tebow returning to the NFL talk? Hallelujah!

12.04.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

Tebow To TV Hooray

Could it be? Could it really be true? Could there actually be a three network bidding war to get Tim Tebow as a host of a college football pregame show? A job that would presumably take up all of his time — and cross your fingers for this, Cleveland sports talk radio fans — would prevent a return to the NFL?

Well, if rumors are to be believed, that is exactly what is going on with the former Jets/Broncos/Patriots quarterback. According TBL’s Jason McIntyre (so we know who to lynch if this doesn’t come true), ESPN is looking at Tebow to be part of their new SEC Network launching next summer, CBS is willing to “blow up” their entire pregame show to find room for the former Gator quarterback, and Fox could find a duel college/football role for him in their family of networks.

Many fans would love to see the return of their glory boy, and even though Tebow’s game style never suited the NFL, it’s undeniable he possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of college football. It’s a perfect fit. We don’t have to pay attention to him down in the minors, Tebow’s no longer a threat to underperforming teams in desperate need of a quarterback midseason, and a whole bunch of people get to stick their tongues out and taunt “neaner-neaner-neaner” about his failure to latch onto another team.

Hallelujah, indeed.

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