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07.24.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

Sorry to intrude on Falco’s CFL beat but the Canadians had their own DeSean Jackson moment. The derp in question belongs to Chris Williams, who had a cup of coffee in the NFL before casting about for work north of the border. As was the case with DeSean’s 2008 goal-line spike fumble, the offensive team got the ball on the 1-yard line and scored on the next play, making it a humilating but not very costly screw-up. However, it still gives Canadian sportswriters something to be politely furious about.

— Ricky Williams’ charity was duped into accepted $32 million in funding from a group that many describe as a cult that bases its teachings on “freedom from judgment in our conscious experiences” mainly through sexual freedom. Hey, that doesn’t sound so bad. [Is rejected by cult when they realize Uproxx has no money to swindle]

This article in The Atlantic considers how brain injuries from sports can be linked with sexual disorders, especially those suffered before the age of 13. I mostly enjoyed it for this caveat: “Let’s be clear: suffering brain injuries doesn’t mean you’ll become a pedophile.”

— The Steelers gave Mike Tomlin a three-year contract extension through the 2016 season. All part of the organization’s ongoing plan to have fewer than five total head coaches in your lifetime.

— Ravens rookie and presumptive Terrell Suggs fill-in, Courtney Upshaw, gave fans a start when he failed his first conditioning test. He passed it on the second try, however, to the delight of some people who are not me.

— EA will continue to have a monopoly on video game football for the foreseeable future. That is, NFL-related video games. They’ll have to surrender their exclusive NCAA license in a few years, but the Madden hegemony shall reign on. Stupid lucky college fans.

— Albert Haynesworth’s career is over, according to everybody, but also his former position coach.

— Lardarius Webb is teasing Ray Rice on Twitter about being relatively short by writing his name on baby clothes and floaties. That doesn’t happen to Tiny Darren in New Orleans, even if he is smaller than Rice. Because Drew Brees doesn’t mind if you’re miniscule. He just loves all those yards after the catch the same.

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