The Cardinals Are The First Team To Beat Seattle At Home In Two Years

12.22.13 4 years ago 15 Comments


Again, that’s officially because of the Packers Fail Mary game in early 2012. But officially, it’s the first Seattle home loss since Week 16 of 2012. The Cardinals needed this tough win to stay in the Wild Card hunt. With a San Francisco loss on Monday night and an Arizona victory in Week 17 against the 49ers, the Cardinals would quality for the postseason for the first time since 2009. Or Arizona can beat the Niners and the Saints can lose in Week 17 and Arizona is in.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks have still yet to clinch the division or homefield advantage. They could lose both if they lose next week and the 49ers win out.

The clinching play came on a Russell Wilson interception that deflected off the arm of Doug Baldwin, who was lying on the ground, into the hands of Karlos Dansby.

Worth noting that losing for the first time in two years is still enough to get your home fans to boo your team in a close loss.

Go 12th Man!

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