CFL team asks Redskins where they bought their backhoe

06.19.14 3 years ago 76 Comments

According to Canadian mother network the CBC (which in Canada you can get by jamming rabbit ears into your skull) the Redskins football name debate could boil over into the Great White North’s football league if concern is raised enough about the Edmonton (CITY OF CHAMPIONS EH) football team name, the Eskimos. 

“Eskimo” is an outdated term, only used by Albertan oil riggers and tourists visiting from England and Australia.

Bringing up the point is Canadian media personality, George Stromboulolpoulos, who attends summer camp hosting forgotten segments on CNN, and who answers questions nobody asked him except himself. (Ex: “Hey David Cronenberg! What’s your favourite Clash album? Before you can answer, here’s my forty thousand words on why mine is Sadinista! Oh we’re out of time…”)

Defending the name is some guy who played in three weeks of preseason for the Eskimos in the fifties who is now in his seventies, Dave Ward, who now goes by the single-word Inuktitut name Kiviaq. 

“I don’t know what the problem is with having us called the Edmonton Eskimos. It wasn’t meant to be derogatory at all. We’re proud of it and we should be proud of it,”

Not weighing in yet is Joe Kapp, mentioned here for two reasons:
1. An excuse to show this video.

2. Was curiously and colloquially referred to as “Injun” Joe Kapp when he came from the CFL with Bud Grant to play for the Vikings.

Hopefully a reporter shows up at Kapp’s door and gets a punch in the mouth, and hopefully that reporter is Strombo. 

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