A Change Will Do You Good

10.02.13 4 years ago 19 Comments

deangelo pleading

Perhaps inspired by last week’s “Gay Dad” episode of The League, DeAngelo Hall decided to leave Washington’s victory in the same Lacoste (presumably polo, because that’s the only shirt Lacoste makes, right?) shirt he showed up in. He didn’t expect to come up against the NFL uniform inspector who squashed the polo party with what might have been a little too much enjoyment.”Now, I don’t want to fine you. But I could,” said the inspector according to a recording of the incident. DeAngelo then pulled this whole “Avenge me!” kind of routine to the reporters who were present, which we will one day look back at as the tipping point in the epic four year long holdout battle between the players association and the league, arguing perpetually over uniform details like wearing mismatched socks as a tribute to your brother, or twistin’ your knee highs.

No word on whether the collar was popped or not.

The most incredible part about this story might be when you reflect for a moment and realize that “Uniform Inspector” is a job in the NFL. This is how that interview process for that job goes down:

NFL Stooge: Congratulations you’ve made the final list of candidates for this prestigious position. Can you go over some of your past work experience?

Jerk Wad Applicant: Well, I was a warden at Shawshank, and I trained as an intern originally under Nurse Ratched at the Oregon Psychiatric Hospital.

NFL Stooge: Are you prejudiced against any races?

Jerk Wad Applicant: I’m not NOT prejudiced. *winks*

NFL Stooge: Okay, we’ll let you know.

Applicant pulls down his faded Umbro shorts and attempts to wizz into interviewer’s coffee cup. Misses and soaks desk.


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