Chargers-Saints Live Blog, Second Half

10.07.12 5 years ago 698 Comments

Antonio Garay continues to lead the league in wacky hairstyles, per Elias-Peter King Sports Bureau. Where the top of his head was used to commemorate the death of Junior Seau last month, but now it’s commemorating the existence of a cancer, which is a thing you should be aware of. That’s much better than playing, a thing Garay isn’t doing tonight.

Breesus did us a solid and broke the suspense early that he would break Unitas record, hopefully limiting the number of times the folks at home have to look at Johnny U.’s horsey faced son. In the meantime, a bunch of old codgers are tweeting about how the QBs of today couldn’t hold Unitas codpiece, or whatever dinosaurs used to wear to protect their dinosaur junk.

On the other side, Marmalard was spotted berating Norv for trying to hit a 55-yarder with sh*tastic Nick Novak rather than pinning the Saints deep in their own end of the field late in the half. Being a Chargers kicker, he missed. Nevertheless, Rivers was able to hit former Saints receiver Robert Meachem to take the lead going into the half.

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