Charlie Whitehurst Lost His Jersey Number In An Arm Wrestling Contest To a Punter

05.28.14 4 years ago 40 Comments


Future “Better Know a Former Backup QB” subject Charlie Whitehurst has worn the jersey number 6 for the past 13 years, dating through his entire professional career with the Chargers and Seahawks, as well as his college career at Clemson.

Well, no longer. Whitehurst signed with the Titans over the off-season. Their punter, Brett Kern, already has the number 6 with Tennessee. Usually what happens when a new player joins a team and wants the jersey number of an existing player, a cash transaction occurs, usually to the amount of tens of thousands of dollars. But seeing as how this is a backup quarterback we’re talking about, perhaps he can’t be as loose with his money as those other players can.

And so the two agreed to settle the matter with an arm wrestling contest. A contest that was won by the punter. So now we know the one thing more embarrassing for a quarterback than riding the bench all the time: being bestest in a contest of arm strength by a punter.

Whitehurst will now wear the number 12, with great shame, I would imagine.


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