Chiefs-Eagles TNF Live Blog, Second Half

09.19.13 4 years ago 813 Comments


We have one of those games where one team is doing everything it can to lose and the other can’t even enjoy it because they’re refusing to capitalize on any advantage. At least the Eagles have the excuse of playing three games in the span of 11 days, which one whole day fewer than the Chiefs latest stretch. Significant!

The Chiefs opened the game with two special teams gifts by from the Eagles. The first: a lapse in coverage that allowed Kansas City to start near midfield. They went three and out from there, but the Eagles dropped the subsequent punt, giving KC the ball in the red zone. It only ended up being the first of many field goals.

The only thing that wasn’t a field goal for the Chiefs was the following pick-six of Michael Vick by Eric Berry. The teams traded possessions, then the Eagles finally, albeit briefly, woke up. A career-long 61-yard run by Vick put them deep in Chiefs territory. Two plays later, Vick found Jason Avant on an impressive touchdown throw, releasing it just as he was hit. Chip Kelly elected to go for two in the first quarter with the swinging gate play and it the only thing accomplished was confusing everyone but the defense.

Another long run by Vick appeared to be the point Philly started to take control, but the Eagles fumbled a snap that was recovered by the Chiefs and it kept unraveling from there. Kansas City kept true to form on that drive by parlaying more good field position into only a 51-yard field attempt, which was missed by Ryan Succop.

Succop, however, hit two more to give us this 16-6 halftime lead. Again, wouldn’t feel super confident about it if I were a Chiefs fan, given that the only time Alex Smith has managed anything, it’s been on passes where he throws it four yards to Donnie Avery on a 3rd and 15 and Avery somehow makes it a first down.

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