Chip Kelly Appears To Be Heading To The Browns

01.04.13 5 years ago 74 Comments

It was assumed that Chip Kelly would soon be coming to the NFL. That Cleveland appears to be his destination, rather than, say, Philadelphia, is a bit of a shock. Despite the Browns reputation as losers, this isn’t the terrible coaching job that a lot of people will make it out to be. The Browns have a new owner who’s interested in making a splash. The team was showing signs of improvement toward the back half of the season. Oh, and the team’s best offensive weapon is used to Kelly’s offensive schemes.

It remains to be seen whether Kelly can run his spread offense in Cleveland. Not likely with the current pieces in place. So expect a lot of speculation about Tim Tebow to the Browns. I’m sure ESPN appreciates that they have an alternative to play off the Jaguars in the great upcoming Tebow sweepstakes that no one should care about but will constantly be told to care about in the off-season. I suppose Dennis Dixon is always available, too.

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