Cleveland Browns Employees Caught Stealing A Ton of Cleveland Browns Merchandise

10.01.14 3 years ago 30 Comments


Earlier today, five employees of FirstEnergy Stadum were expended after allegedly stealing over $3,000 worth of Browns merchandise.

Apparently, the employees worked in the kitchen, and were caught attempting to steal the merchandise at 3am on September 22, according to a report that was made public today. The men were caught using a merchandise pole to steal $3,087.76 in Browns apparel, including several jerseys. Sadly, we’ll never know how many Josh Gordon jerseys they tried to steal, or how many Johnny Football jerseys. For the sake of Brian Hoyer’s ego, we can only hope they tried to steal a few of his jerseys. If Terrance West were in yet, he’s certainly been worthy of having a few jerseys stolen.

For Browns fans, it’s probably just nice to have a national story about the team that doesn’t involve:

A. Pointless hype about Manziel
B. The latest about the corruptus in extremis of Jimmy Haslam.
C. The general sadness of the franchise

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