Cleveland – Washington, Indy – Green Bay, and…that’s about it

10.19.08 9 years ago 17 Comments

Pay attention, Redskin fans, because this gentleman pictured here might be ruining your season today. Although with Philly and the Giants off this week, and Dallas getting destroyed without their franchise quarterback by a revitalized Rams team, the nominal slide could be limited to half a game won’t lead them to the basement of the NFC East [The Giants are very much playing this week, hosting San Fran. Historically, that’s almost the same as a bye –PUNTE]. But with the Browns seemingly having found their stride on Monday night against those Giants, the Earthquake By The Lake is primed for some more eating, and more stomping, which doesn’t bode well for the ‘Skins.

Or Cleveland could shit the bed again. Who knows.

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