C’mon, We Know You Still Have Issues

03.15.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Unless we’re to assume that Ufford has solved all of the world’s problems (a quasi-legitish possibility), you all have been holding out on us this week with the questions for the sexbag. Be sure to send ’em along either to the KSK inbox (kissingsuzykolber@gmail.com) or to Ufford directly (mattufford@gmail.com). Granted, it’s mid-March, so it’s a ways until fantasy drafts, but free agency has already begun to shape potential drafting strategies. For instance, people like flubby who held onto Jamaal Charles in keeper leagues while he was injured all last season now get to worry about the Chiefs signing CIA operative Peyton Hillis. And so far as we know, there’s no offseason for sexy time. So let’s have those questions. We’ve only gotten a few so far this week, forcing us to postpone the mailbag until Friday. Unless we get some more to pad this thing out, we might just have to push it to next Thursday.

[Image via Warming Glow]

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