Cold Weather Super Bowl Means Sled Rides

06.12.13 4 years ago 12 Comments


The biggest drawback to the upcoming Super Bowl in New York Jersey is the inevitable bellyaching of sportswriters denied their annual vacation to a warm weather destination in the middle of winter. I’d wager most of them are rooting for the event to be a disaster just so no city other than Miami, San Diego, Phoenix or New Orleans ever gets hosting rights ever again. Never mind that few things are more picturesque than football in the snow.

There’s no guarantee what the weather will be next February 2, but we do know there will be toboggan rides set up on Broadway during the week leading up to the game. Yes, sled rides! Weeeeeee! I bet Eli Manning intentionally throws the season just to make sure he won’t be otherwise occupied when the 58-foot toboggan rides are going on.

If possible, could the city also pump in a bunch of artificial snow like the kind at ski resorts? In case the weather doesn’t cooperate, fans will want to pelt sports journalists with snowballs throughout Super Bowl Week. Thanks in advance.

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