Colin Kaepernick flagged for saying naughty words

09.14.14 3 years ago 37 Comments

I’ll give the NFL credit where it’s due: they’re the best hall monitors in any major sport. (Yes, even including baseball and its “unwritten rules.”) Moments after the 49ers gave the ball away deep in their own territory leading the Bears by only six points, a member of the Bears gave Kaep a pat on the chest. Kaep responded with, presumably, a string of very naughty words because he earned a flag for his grievance and pushed the Bears a few yards closer to the go-ahead touchdown. Presuming words like “butt,” “darn,” and “hell” are every other word on an NFL field, it’s probably safe to assume that Kaep let fly with a racial slur. In the aftermath of BULLYGATE last year and the disturbing images of a nude Richie Incognito dropping n-bombs left and right, the NFL instituted a new rule that would punish such slurs. So, Kaep, watch that potty mouth, sir. That’s not an elite move.

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