Colin Kaepernick’s History Of Insensitive Tweets

05.27.15 2 years ago 41 Comments


So on Tuesday Colin Kaepernic7 woke up & saw that there was flooding in Houston. Instead of investigating how serious the flooding was first, he immediately jumped at the chance to enhance his #Brand and posted on Instagram  a fairly insensitive post that suggested Houston was a victim of the 7torm. #7tormscoming. But it was okay, he included a hashtag for Prayersup because we all know God gives extra help for people who hashtag.

It didn’t take long for the post to get pulled as Kaep realized he’d made an oopsie, and then after a poorly judged apology tweet someone in PR got to him and made sure he gave the world a real apology.  Then all was more or less forgiven. After all, who hasn’t seen a disaster on TV and then made it about their #brand? Let the not-guilty party cast the first 7tone.

But maybe we shouldn’t be forgiving Kaep for his little error so quickly. Long time followers of Colin’s social media work should be aware that this is just another entry in his long line of insensitive tweets. There is a clear and obvious pattern to Kaepernick’s ignorance, and this history of insensitivity cannot be ignored or brushed under the rug. This young man has a problem:




Tweet12 Tweet11 Tweet10 Tweet9 Tweet8 Tweet7 Tweet6 Tweet5 Tweet4 Tweet3 Tweet2Kaep doesn’t just need better vision in the pocket, he needs a PR firm.

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