Colts-Jaguars Live Blog, Second Half

11.08.12 5 years ago 537 Comments

What she said.

Once the Jags got two three-and-outs in, the Colts had the game’s first show of competence with a crisp drive in the first quarter that fizzled in the red zone, giving them an insurmountable 3-0 lead. The Jaguars responded by putting together one of the few decent drives they’ll have in this game, but squandered it with a missed field goal.

Andrew Luck launched a Grossman-like interception on the ensuing drive, but it was negated by what was a borderline roughing call on Luck. It appears he’s already earned the right to Peyton Manning officiating standard as well. 15 receptions by Reggie Wayne later, Luck ran it in himself for the touchdown to push the lead to an even more insurmountable double-digit lead.

If only to more cruelly tease their fans, the Jags followed up with what was turning into a good drive until Laurent Robinson fumbled, showing that he brought all the derp and none of the skill with him from Dallas. Andrew Luck got a second (!!!) rushing touchdown of the half, which might not have actually been a touchdown at all, the refs only gave it a cursory glance before confirming it, causing Mike Mularkey to throw his headset and playsheet onto the field, drawing a flag. That’s too bad. I’m sure he was hoping to get ejected.

Luck threw a second interception of the half just as the Colts almost scored again and effectively ended the game. Mayock still saw fit to gush over Luck on the play because he made a sliding head-first tackle attempt that ended up hitting the player who made the interception after he lateraled the ball to someone else. No doubt it’ll also get him a concussion one day, too. Gabbert had one nice throw (!!!) on their last drive of the half. The Jags got a field goal out of it, so they’ve reached their point quota for the game and coast from here on out.

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