A complete timeline of Darren Rovell tattling on our readers

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This has ben a rough month for Darren, almost as bad as when Hurricane Sandy threatened his mancave that one time before it killed some people.

He has gone from tattling on KSK readers to getting suspended to having his emails leaked. Get caught up or else youll look like a idiot at the next party that you go to were people are talking about Darren Rovell:

April 8th – I wrote a seemingly inocuous article comparing Robert Griffin the 3 to Adolf Hitler (this is the second time Ive presented evidents that the two share many similarities. I stand by my reporting.

Later on April 8th- Neill Mohammad makes a funny joke about Darren Rovelll and how if Hitler were still around, ol Darren would probaly report on what a effective branding tool the swatztika was. (One time Darren Rovell reported on how Oakleys brand was suffering because Oscar Pistorous was wearing there glasses when he was arrested for murdering his wife)

Also on April 8th – Darren Rovell threatens to tell Neill Mohammads old professor that Neil made fun of him.


April 8th – the internet is very cool IMO, and #CancellRovell trends nationally

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 9.17.24 AM

April 9th – Neil and I sit down and catch a cool hang w/ each other to talk about Rovell. Neil made alot of real good points even if I didnt undersatnd all of his words:

I mean, if you have even a cursory knowledge of Rovell’s body of work, you can easily imagine claiming something to the effect of “Say what you want, but you’ve got to hand it to Goebbels for a hell of a branding campaign. He knew that the most timeless brands rely on primary colors.” Now, it is hard to know whether he’d believe it, but you can absolutely picture him doing it. It’d be more extreme than his usual shtick, but that’s a question of degree rather than kind.

And that’s the magic of Darren Rovell: in the course of living his everyday life, he’s operating at about 85% of a Peter Sellers / Mel Brooks caricature and doing so for professional gain.

April 11th – Neil Mohammed passes on word from the universty contact that Rovell emailed.


April 20th – (Hitlers birthday by the way. Makes you think) Darren is suspended from twitter by his boss’es for making fun of a fat guy who had to buy two tickets for a NBA game.

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 9.09.29 AM

And then yesterday Deadspin (whose a liberal baston of claptrap PC mumbo jumbo and 365 repeated back to back slow news days) used their commie ancestors greatest tool- the Freedom of Information Act. They retreived Darrens tattling emails that he sent to UM:

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 9.19.06 AM

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 9.19.39 AM

Couple major takeways here IMO.

1. Darren lied when he first told Neil that he had emailed his profesor. Darren didnt actualy send the email until several hours later. He was probly waiting for Neill to engage him so Master Rovell could teach Neil about nettiquette. Neill is way cooler then Rovell and didnt bother, so he sent two emails, less then 30 mins apart because he didnt hear back immedately.

2. Darren Rovels email signature is his twitter handle.

3. His email adress is SportsBizReporter@gmail.com which I may are may not have singed up for the Deadspin March Madness email chain. Please do not harass him on his email adress which, as I mentoned before, is SportsBizReporter@gmail.com

4.”Let me know if youd like to know more” What exacly was he planning on adding there? We might never know for sure but IMO it was probly this:

“Let me know if youd like to know more”

“Sure go ahead.”

“Well uh,, what he said it wasnt nice. I didnt like it. And uh also I used my own snot has shampoo this morning. Please let me no if I can be of further assistence.”

I have contaced Darren Rovell to do a interview with me and he still has not responded. If wishes to engage me on the merits of the issue at hand- and that is whether or not Robert Griffin III is actualy Adolf Hitler, then thats a discussion I’m willing to have, but hes not allowed to bully my readers. KSK isnt a “me-first” blog, its a “we-first” blog.

Also hey Darren Rovell, if you dont respond to my debate request it means your admitting that Im right and also that you eat your own toe nails.


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