Connor Barwin Freestyle Contest

05.28.14 4 years ago 40 Comments

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Oakland Raiders

Connor Barwin is one of our nations greatest treasures, I’m not braking any news by saying that. Hes always carrying a lunchpail in his hand and the Eagles Defense on his back,, which is not allways a easy job when you’ve got Nick Foles and Riley Cooper scoring so easily youd think they were reading “Day Bang.” My only regret is that him and Jason Babin were never teamed up on the same Eagles team together to rack up sacks togehter as the “Barbtwins” with tribal and razorwire tattoos far as the eye could see as a modern-day bash brothers.

Barwin took to twitter on Memoral Day to let his followers know that he was giving away tickets to the Free Press Summer Festival for his follwer with the best free style rap.

What more fitting tribute to Maya Angelou then to bust my flows for Americas premere roadgrading outside linebacker? I mean this guys got more grit then the Waffle House, and when hes not pancaking O-Linemen and by hes sippin on some syrup to his own tune (breakfast jokes). So here I go I call this “Sackers Delight”:

Got his hand in the dirt bluecollar on his shirt,,

Number 98 knows the diffrence between playing injure and hurt.

Thats right fokls its Connor Barwin on the Eagles,,

Spends more time in the weight room then Charles Darwin on the Beagle.

Survival of the Grittest only hardest workers survive,,

Matched up verse Aaron Hernendez man hes lucky to be alive.

Switched it up from a dipster 2 a hipster,,

Earth days was the worst days

Now he sip’s PBR when hes thirstays.

He balls so hard when he plays and raps,,

Balls so big hes gettin a ginormous sack.

Hes not a indoor cat hes a outside LB

He loves Bear weather in the low low degrees

A real worknig class hero rackin up stats in Philly

Makin Trent Willams look real silly.

Everyone in DC is goign to get real scared again

When he makes  RG3 yell like Nancy Kerragan

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