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11.04.12 5 years ago 682 Comments

Dez Bryant got sportswriters all scoldy over the weekend when word got out that Dez Bryant went out to a nightclub to celebrate his birthday. With permission from the team, mind you. So Dez didn’t actually violate the terms of his team-mandated curfew. Nevertheless, sportswriters fell back on their usual bag of dickish tricks to find fault with Dez.

Behold this pile of shit:

In theory, Dez Bryant’s late-night trip to a Dallas nightclub shouldn’t be a big deal.

But it is.

It’s not because Bryant did something wrong at the club — he didn’t — but he was out late, with permission from adviser David Wells and team officials, to have a little fun before his birthday.

Oh, is it because he beat up his mom again on the way there? Surely there is substantial reason you’re shitting on this guy for celebrating his birthday. Do tell, media whore:

It’s all about perception. Ask Tony Romo.

That’s actually a pretty nifty bit of cynical reasoning. Who creates negative perception? The media, mostly. By going out, you enable the shitheads in the media to be media shitheads. Even when you do everything the way you’re supposed to. Because there’s already blood in the water. The media want excuses to kill Dez, like they want to with Romo. Don’t give them an excuse to fall prey to their own worst impulses because you have to worry about other people being bad at their job.

Dez Bryant is a dipshit, on and off the field. You can bash him for any number of things. Celebrating his birthday when he actually bothered to clear it with the club isn’t one of them.

Oh, and Dez’s playing status was said to be a gametime decision earlier today, but now it appears like he will actually play.

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