Cowboys-Falcons Live Blog, Second Half

11.04.12 5 years ago 566 Comments

The competent, pre-implosion Cowboys are on hand for the usual November of stoking expectations before the inevitable downfall of December. Not that they’re blowing the Falcons away. But it seems that this game will at least be competitive to the very end, which is something you couldn’t expect out of the Cowboys at their derpiest.

Costly turnovers have been narrowly missed. A Romo interception was negated by a penalty on the defense. DeMarcus Ware was allowed to come clean at Matt Ryan and obliterate him, but the resulting fumble couldn’t be recovered by Dallas. The Falcons retained possession and converted the second of their two field goal attempts of the game.

The Falcons have one awesome bomb to Julio Jones to their credit, but otherwise their offense has looked like some dogshit through a half. Announcers claim that the team is limiting Michael Turner’s carries to spare his health for the long run, though more likely it’s because at this point, he’s like ramming your fat-ass fullback at the line to get two yards per carry.

Dallas failed on a 3rd and 1 outside the two-minute mark right before half, which led to a sequence that included that tactic of pretending to line up to go for it on 4th and 1 but really just hoping that someone jumps offside before calling a timeout. Not only that, but the refs decided that there needed to be an official view of the failed 3rd down rush. That protracted things nicely before the Falcons put together their one-minute drive to tie the game going into a half with a long field goal as time expired.

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