Create your own $15 team of grit

06.04.14 3 years ago 77 Comments


Last year to cap-of White History Month I designed a NFL player named “The Scrap Heap.” He had like the forehead of Peyton Manning, the crotch of Big Ben, Mark Schlereths butt and Mike Allstotts nose.

Nowdays I guess the interenets not longer into designing Frankensteinish monsters, there more into designing $15 teams. So Im announcing to you the oppoertunity to “Create Your Own $15 Team of Grit.”

You have exactly $15 dollars to spend on 5 players and to be honest with you $15 dollars can still get you a heckuva motor- I dont care what the fokls at GM are saying. NOTE- I didnt include any coaches since all of there players are pretty much like having a coach on the field out there.


Heres mine ready:

John Riggins (Bradys not elite any more)

Mike Allstott

Larry Csonka

Brett Farve


Literally run the singlewing out of that formation every. single. play. Theyll have no idea which FB were going to give it to and we wont need a defense because each drive will last for exactly a half of football. 2.5 yards every single damn carry right up your guts. Try and stop it. You cant. I defy you to select a better team then this.

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