The Curse of Romo Strikes Again!

04.29.14 4 years ago 62 Comments


First the Dallas Stars and the Duke Blue Devils, now the Dallas Mavericks. Tony Romo will not rest until all Dallas teams completely fail in the playoffs like his own Dallas Cowboys, you know, the years they manage to make it into the playoffs. As Busted Coverage notes, Romo shows up and the Mavs go down by 14 at the half. Mark Cuban’s Mavericks eventually lost by a score of 93-89, so Romo is now on the hook for three missed field goals. If you’re an owner of the Texas Rangers or FC Dallas, you have to be at least a little worried the Cowboys quarterback might have too much free time this offseason for sporting events, making sure his stink gets all over your club well before the postseason.

Could this be the start of a lucrative side-business for Romo? Casino cooler, sure, but think of how handy this sort of mojo would be for bookies. Need to shave off like six points? Send Romo in a side door for ten minutes. Need the other team to lose by 25, buy Romo court side seats and a t-shirt. Team relocation? Season tickets.

On grosser note than losing, Larry Brown Sports believes Romo watched the game with a big mouthful of dip. Just lovely. You kiss your wife with that dirty mouth, Tony? Miss Missouri deserves better.

[H/T Busted Coverage]

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