Dat Derr Anthony Weiner Got Caught Anthony Weenin’, Di’nt He?

By: 06.07.11  •  68 Comments

Man, daggone got tell yew bout dat Tony Weenur en dem picshurs of dat boy’s weenus man now whut kinna crazy ol hushpuppy gone be doin sumptin so crazy man. Yall dont be sendin dem weenie snaps unless yew got yerself sum guud apperture en a free hand to wiggel yerself n git the blud flowin. Sum guud shews nevur hurt no one neethur.

Sum folks er sayin, “Hey Britt Farr, why yew wanna sen picshurs o’ Lil Britt Farr to dem perdy ladies wit dem big ol tiddies an der insayshubble app’tites for ‘tention?” Shucks, fool. Ol’ Britt ain’t no paragon of vurchew. I’s just flesh n’ blood. An’ a li’l more flesh down derr. Huh-huh-huh.

So ‘memer to keep on sendin’ dem weeny picshurs to all dem ladies out derr. Dey like’m! S’long as yew ain’t no Congruss-man or no ol’ gunslinger, yew gone doo reel good for ya’self. But don’t gimme any o’dem cee-cees on dem picshurs. Peter Kang don’ take tew kindly o’dat sorta thang.

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