‘Deckering’ Is The Latest Forced NFL Meme

10.17.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

So far, the desperate attempts to generate NFL memes for the 2012 season have come mainly from the Redskins fans. There was Griffining, which had a few weeks of ubiquity but appears to have thankfully petered out in usage since the first few weeks of the season. There was Morganing. That didn’t get a ton of traction online after a few days. There were a bunch of image macro jokes about the scab refs, though there wasn’t a single cohesive meme that emerged from those weeks of officiating clusterf*cks.

Now, there’s “Deckering“. As you might guess, it’s meant to goof on Eric Decker tripping on the turf on what might have been a very long touchdown pass, but only ended up being moderately big gain. The more I watch the replay, the less I’m convinced that Decker would have scored on the play. The deep safety is catching up to him by the time Decker trips and there was still 45 yards left to go to the end zone. I know white guy speed is supposedly deceptive and all, but not that deceptive. Clearly, Decker cost himself quite a bit of extra yardage, but it’s not fair to say he lost out on a guaranteed touchdown.

Not sure “Deckering” is gonna have legs as a meme. What we do know, however, is that his fiancee isn’t shy about singing the praises of his third leg on Twitter.

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