Dez Bryant Buys PS4s For Nerds Who Probably Don’t Know Who He Is

11.16.13 4 years ago 16 Comments


This past Thursday, Sony Computer Entertainment of America released their next-generation video game console, following the Nintendo Wii U which released last year, and mere weeks before Microsoft will release their own system. It was an important day for nerds that hate sports and play video games other than Madden.  Dez Bryant apparently had thousands of dollars to blow on them, so he decided to pay for the consoles of a bunch of the people waiting in line.  A cursory search reveals that the person who took the above photo was the only one to recognize the star receiver, as they were the only ones who thought “hey, that’s Dez Bryant paying for my PS4, maybe I should take a picture”.

Despite the fact that most of the people he bought the console for probably just thought he was some random rich dude, this is pretty awesome, and I look forward to Gregg Easterbrook framing this act of charity as an act of Dez being loose with his money.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to camp out by a Chicago Best Buy to wait for Brandon Marshall to buy me an Xbox One.

(BONUS:  Slightly sad Ochocinco tweet)

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